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We focus on producing customized screen enclosures designs for special pool, patio, and lanai enclosures. We handle each task with outstanding responsibility.

Why not allow us to produce your dream into a reality? Edgewater Screen Enclosure will create your dream come true.



Our custom setups are as follows:

  • Pool cages
  • Lanai enclosures
  • Custom designed screened rooms


Your benefits include:

  • No more pollen dust or grime
  • Your lanai becomes a yearlong space
  • Additionally, it keeps out the rain and mold
  • Screen pool enclosures retain debris out of pools.


A customized screen-made enclosure supplies not just beauty but efficiency to your residence, including resale value when providing your family a maximum exterior experience.

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Is your family looking for a few extra spaces? Edgewater Florida Screen Enclosures screened lanai will boost livable area and provide a wonderful play area or somewhere to unwind. Your lanai may be enclosed to resist the weather and extend an extra layer of security from the elements and outsiders.

Lanais are called after the Hawaiian island of Lanai. Screened lanais are not just beautiful but functional — if you have pets, they then might delight in the exterior environment safely all of the time. In the event you’ve got young children, you’ll discover lockable door choices due to their security.

Imagine employing a cup of your favorite coffee or breakfast every morning in your own outdoor space, while being protected from the elements.

Since everyone has different wants, we can accommodate your design thoughts and provide just the place to your household requirements. Not only will this add beauty and value to your home but it will supply a life of enjoyment.

A customized screen enclosure-designed lanai lets you enjoy outside and sunlight while staying inside a homely setting. To acquire a safe, functional space for your entire household this is the best option.



Outdoor living In Florida is considered as part of a wonderful life.  Our Custom privacy screen team is at your service to ensure you a smooth and specialist job that fulfills your needs.

Whether you are viewing in a swimming pool, a deck, or even a porch, screen enclosure services Edgewater can take care of the design and construct from the task. Screened in porch stretch your home’s square footage to find some of the purchase prices of normal structure.

Screen enclosure Pros Edgewater, fl. provide a maximum amount of visibility and living room together with convenience and relaxation. Edgewater Screen Enclosure has the skill to manage your job, whatever the dimensions or design needs.

The interesting exterior is a favorite pastime in Florida — combined with a customized screen enclosure, it is excellent for this. Indoor amenities increase the appeal of the room. Guests and individuals desire a secure and clean environment that is outdoors yet protected from the elements.

Dinner and breakfast are favored meals on your outdoor lifestyle. We supply a variety of choices from which to pick resulting in an outdoor living area that’s perfectly suitable to your needs and your home’s architecture.


You love your patio and will need to upgrade it. Whatever your family needs are, customized screen enclosure Edgewater Florida. Will personalize your patio enclosure to suit them. You will have choices for various screen cloths and framings. We are devoted to producing customized screen enclosure designs for special patio enclosures, and we conduct every task we handle exceptional care.

Patio screens will enhance your outdoor pleasure and serve a unique purpose. To begin with, patio screen enclosures provide superior protection against mosquitoes and no-see-ums employing the best screen fabrics that can be found in the business. Secondly, screening your patio will keep your terrace cleaner. An enclosed patio can raise your livable area whilst watching moisture.

We will be sure the porch enclosure provides a perfect bridge between your home’s current architecture and the exterior environment.

We want you to be engaged throughout the procedure, and we’re sure you’re receiving precisely the services you need from our team. We use exceptional workmanship to produce lasting beauty and functionality on your premises. You may love it for several years to come!



Residing in Florida provides you and your loved ones the excellent benefit of swimming. Your swimming pool supplies you with this luxury. Edgewater Screen Enclosure make certain that you obtain the best and finest use of your pool.

Our customized screen enclosures can make your pool area your own paradise. Our swimming pool screen enclosures are customized, designed, and assembled using only the most quality materials.

Our enclosures will keep your pool free from debris and germs. They reduce your own swimming and save the cost of chemicals. They increase the worth of your property and reduce maintenance. This provides you with extra time to unwind and enjoy on your own.

You are going to find a selection of options resulting in a pool and outdoor living space custom suited to your needs and your home’s architecture.

Let us make that excellent personal paradise just for you.


Most of us have excellent memories of sharing precious past events with our relatives on our family porches. Now it is time to create memories onto your own porch.

Adding one of Edgewater, Florida screen enclosure porch screen enclosures will raise your family heritage. It is not only a home improvement — it is lifestyle advancement. Our porch screen enclosures have been necessary to make this specific site.

Front porch or back porch. Now you can open doorways to acquire cross-ventilation and save on air conditioning. We use quality materials and expert contractors to be certain that your complete satisfaction. Your needs will be fulfilled.

Enjoy the outside with no intrusion of insects and wildlife. The security feature of an extra door which could possibly be procured will guarantee you. Your porch will get a focal point of activity where everybody will feel much more relaxed and comfy.

We supply Custom and Pool, Patio/Lanai enclosure and Pool Screen Repair, and much more to fulfill each client’s requirements. Our friendly brokers give free quotations and are pleased to answer your questions throughout the entire process.